Video List

Here are all the problem-solving videos with a quick number reference, so teachers or tutors can refer to them for homework or revision.  Click the title to jump to the video.

Number (Arithmetic, Percentages, Fractions

N001 Height of a volcano   N002 Money counting
N003 Price of donuts   N004 Temperature drop
N005 Price of furniture handles   N006 UK/Spain temperatures
N007 Crazy golf scores   N008 Chester Zoo admissions
N009 Comparing cost of fuel   N010 Christmas shoeboxes
N011 Bricklaying effort   N012 Ferry & train times
N013 Low Energy Bulb Swap   N014 Currency exchange
N015 Price of a wedding   N016 Bricklaying proportion
N017 Trampoline counting   N018 Trampoline area
N019 Service cost increase   N020 Service cost increase (2)
N021 Shopping discounts (1)   N022 Shopping discounts (2)
N023 Plane occupancy   N024 Service percentage increase
N025 Distance calculations   N026 Speed to Swindon
N027 Shoebox distribution   N028 Wood cladding area + VAT
N029 Sales discount percentage   N030 Saucepan discount
N031 Coffee machine sale   N032 Splitting the bill
N033 Mixing concrete   N034 Bricklaying proportion
N035 Wall thickness (1)   N036 Wall thickness (2)
N037 Luggage weighing (1)   N038 Luggage weighing (2)
N039 Speed conversions   N040 Weight of a cake
N041 Leaving for the airport   N042 Christmas turkey
N043 Christmas turkey & beef   N044 Christmas tree assembly
N045 Best Value Eggs   N046 Wallpaper Paste
N047 Log Cabin Investment   N048 Roller Coaster Capacity (1)
N049 Roller Coaster Capacity (2)   N050 Home or Away Hoodie
N051 Age of Disney Parks   N052 Moving Walkway Speed
N053 Breakfast Profit   N054 Proportional EV Charging
N055 Electric Car Costings   N056 Magazine Model Costs
N057 Best Ticket Combination   N058 Football Ticket Ratio
N059 Rollercoaster Speed   N060 Cog Ratios
N061 Expanding Sponge N062 Time Lapse Recording

Shape (Angles, Area, Pythag, Volume)

S001 Wood cladding area + VAT   S002 Painting the lounge
S003 Area of shade sails (1)   S004 Area of shade sails (2)
S005 Whale tank   S006 Guinea pig hutch area
S007 Boat sail area (1)   S008 Boat sail area (2)
S009 Area of trampolines   S010 Wrapping paper
S011 Wrapping presents   S012 Icing on the cake
S013 Swimming pool volume (1)   S014 Swimming pool volume (2)
S015 Volume of water feature   S016 Pouring concrete footings
S017 Gravel path area/volume (1)   S018 Gravel path volume (2)
S017 Gravel path area/volume (1)   S018 Gravel path volume (2)
S019 Weight of a cake   S020 Apex of roof design
S021 Angles in the roof (1)   S022 Angles in the roof (2)
S023 Angle of water slide   S024 Cycling distance  (pythag)
S025 Roof trusses (pythag)   S026 Area of boat sails (pythag)
S027 Lodge reflection & rotation   S028 Lodge translation
S029 Maths Sign Sector + VAT   S030 Similar Classrooms
S031 Similar Shade Sails   S032 Poles In The Van (3D pythag)
S033 Dumbo Distance   S034 Valentine’s Card
S035 Circular Pond Volume   S036 Upper Bound Volume
S037 Waffle Sharing S037 Chimenea Surface Area
S038 Mattress Inflation S039 Patio Tile Cuts

Data (Probability, Statistics, Graphs/Charts)

D001 Air & water temperature   D002 Shoebox frequency table
D003 Cumulative visitors   D004 Jelly babies flavours
D005 Whale watching (fractions)   D006 Whale watching (%)
D007 Distance Time Journey   D008 Modal & Mean Guests
D009 Space Mountain Speed   D010 Visitor Pie Comparison
D011 Ferry Vehicle Lengths   D012 Ferry Cost Graph
D013 Olympic Mean Scores   D014 Snow Scatter Graph
D015 Harry Potter Pie Chart   D016 Harry Potter Bar Chart
D017 Aircraft Registration Codes  


A001 Temperature Conversion   A002 Volume of Water Feature
A003 Concert Ticket Costs