Celsius Fahrenheit Conversion



GCSE Marks:

GCSE Text:
Today in the UK the temperature is -3°C. You are given the following equation to convert temperature in Celsius (°C) to its equivalent in Fahrenheit (°F)

celsius fahrenheit

a) Use the equation to convert -3°C into its equivalent Fahrenheit temperature

b) Rearrange the given equation to make C the subject

In Toronto today the temperature is 39°F

c) Use your new formula to convert 39°F into its equivalent Celsius temperature.

This is a simple question designed to test student understanding of using and rearranging algebraic equations. Students are encouraged to select their own method to use, using flowcharts or balancing as preferred.   Students only take 2-3 minutes to answer this question in full, and the extension question work well to stretch students who finish early.

Teachers could extend the learning by considering:

  • A ‘quick’ method of converting Celsius to Fahrenheit is to ‘double and add thirty’.  Create a graph of temperature in °C against °F, and plot two lines – one that shows the accurate conversion, and one that shows the ‘quick’ method. At what temperature is the quick method accurate?

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