Time to leave for the airport


4-starsGCSE Marks:

GCSE Text:
Mary is planning a holiday abroad, which involves departing from London Airport on a 7.30am flight.  Her airline says that she should arrive no later than 90 minutes before departure. It is a 2hr 45min car journey, and she wants to allow 30 minutes extra to allow for any bad traffic and a rest stop at the services on the way.

What time should she plan to leave home to make sure she gets to the airport in time?

Students always find this video fascinating, as many have not visited an airport before. It is very practical, and students immediately understand the purpose for learning topics related to time. Student discussions normally centre around how to add time, and mistakes occur when using a base of 100 instead of 60.

Extension Ideas:
Teachers could extend the learning by considering:

  • The planned arrival time in Tenerife is 11.45am, and it normally takes about 35 minutes to clear customs and passport control, and then a further 15 minutes to collect the hire car.  The villa is a 20 minute drive away, so at what time should we expect to arrive at the villa?

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