Harry Potter Pie Chart

GCSE Marks:

GCSE Text:
A tourist attraction receives 6000 visitors per day, and this pie chart shows the proportion of ages of visitors.

Harry Potter pie

The average adult ticket costs £41, the average child ticket costs £33 and toddlers are free of charge.  Calculate the total annual revenue (income) from ticket sales.

This question works well as a consolidation for learning on sectors or pie charts. It also has a GCSE approach meaning that there are different approaches that can receive marks even if a student can not reach a final answer.  Students take 3-4 minutes to answer this question in full, and the extension question works well to stretch students who finish early.

Teachers could extend the learning by considering:

  • What assumptions have been made in calculating the annual revenue?
  • The management are considering introducing a ‘student’ ticket which would reduce the adult ticket to £36. It is forecast that 10% of existing adult tickets would pay this new lower price, and that it would attract 2% more adults to visit. How would this affect the annual revenue of the attraction, and would you recommend this new ticket?

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