Crazy golf scores



GCSE Marks:


Note: This video needs an accompanying worksheet to be printed

GCSE Text:

A firm favourite by students and staff, this fun problem is very practical for students who need to perform basic non-calculator arithmetic in all sorts of sports – rugby, darts, golf, bowling, tennis etc.  Works individually or in groups where score cards are delegated to members of the group. Normally takes 10 mins, and of course sparks discussions about which is the winning score in crazy golf, but also in other sports!  There is a little treat at the end of the video too…

Extension Ideas:
Teachers could extend the learning by considering:

  • What was the average/mean score for the players?
  • If those over 18 were given an extra penalty score of 6 shots (to give younger players a chance of winning), who would have won?  Over 18 = Steve, Louise, Keith, Beth, Sandra, Nicola.

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