Temperature difference



GCSE Marks:

GCSE Text:
Whilst on a summer holiday in Spain, the temperature was measured as 38ºC, whilst back in the UK it was 22ºC.

a) How much warmer was it in Spain than in the UK?

The temperature in Paris was exactly half way between the Spanish and UK temperatures.

b) What was the temperature in Paris?

A great example of a basic numeracy question that could appear on a GCSE Foundation exam. Quite straight forward for most students, normally taking only 2-3 mins to solve in practise.

Extension Ideas:
Teachers could extend the learning by considering:

  • The UK temperature in summer often reaches 32ºC, but in winter it can often reach -8ºC. What is the difference between the summer & winter common temperatures?
  • In winter, parts of Russia regularly drop to -42ºC. How much colder is this than the Spanish temperature recorded whilst on holiday?

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