Cover Lessons

Like you, I know that setting cover work is such a hassle, that the conference or meeting that you’re invited to attend, or the recovery time needed from illness becomes much less appealing, and it’s easier to just plough on.

Well, if you’re in need of a quick cover lesson or two, these videos may well fit the bill – so just give the students some paper or a whiteboard, and they’ll have a themed problem solving lesson with minimal fuss.  I’ve also provided the answers to these videos too – so you don’t need to worry about your Maths knowledge either.

Lesson 1 – Non-Calculator Arithmetic Answers
1 – Furniture Handles  pdf-icon
2 – Comparing cost of fuel  pdf-icon
3 – Christmas Shoeboxes  pdf-icon
4 – Ferry & Train Times  pdf-icon
5 – Temperature Drop  pdf-icon
6 – Admission at Chester Zoo  pdf-icon
Lesson 2 – Construction Answers
1 – Bricklaying Effort  pdf-icon
2 – Thickness of the wall  pdf-icon
3 – Angles in the roof  pdf-icon
4 – Length of Hypotenuse  pdf-icon
5 – Volume of footings  pdf-icon
Lesson 3 – DIY Answers
1 – Wood Cladding Area  pdf-icon
2 – Moving the planks  pdf-icon
3 – Mixing Concrete  pdf-icon
4 – Gravel path area & volume  pdf-icon