Waffle Sharing

GCSE Marks:

GCSE Text:
A family of 2 adults and 3 children need to share 3 waffles between them.

a)  What fraction of a waffle will each person receive if the waffles are shared equally between 5?

b)  The three children insist that their portion is provided in a single piece of waffle (no cuts). What will be the size of the reflex angle at the centre of each waffle for them to receive the correct amount in a single piece?

c)  The waffles each measure 9cm in diameter. What area of waffle does each person receive? Give your answer rounded to 1 d.p.

This question works well as a consolidate to work on sectors of circles. Often the second question confuses students, so getting them to sketch a waffle generally helps to visualise what is being asked and clarifies the presence of a reflex and obtuse angle when cutting.  Students take 3-4 minutes to answer this question in full.

Teachers could extend the learning by considering:

  • The thickness of each waffle is 3mm, and 20% of each waffle is made from caramel filling. What volume of caramel will each person receive in their share?

Summer School Work

I’m often asked what school work a child should do over the summer holiday, as parents can be concerned that the momentum of learning can be lost over the 5 or 6 week break. My answer generally depends on one key factor. Exams – but not in the way you may think. If a student is in a non-exam school year and is simply keen to achieve and get prepared for the next year, my answer is ‘students really need to take a break from school work’. If however, a student is about to enter an exam year, or time of increased workload/effort, my answer changes to ‘students absolutely must take a break from school work’.  Continue reading “Summer School Work”